Food – Orchard Cafe @ Orchard Hotel

I just had a fabulous dinner at Orchard Cafe, located at level 1, just beside the lobby of Orchard Hotel. It’s a buffet with a wide spread of food, there’s the local food such as fried kway tiao (nice!), chicken curry, laksa, otah. And then there’s some other Chinese food and soup which includes pig’s organ soup (you seldom find this in hotel buffet). There’s also a lot of seafood, which includes oysters, crayfish, prawns (very fresh!) etc.

And of course there’s the Japanese food, which a lot of people would probably love – sashimi! Salad bar was really great too. For the desserts, their cheesecake tasted really nice and there’s the durian paste (sorry, but I don’t take durian), which my friends had been eating a lot for the whole night.

Overall, it’s a really fantastic dinner which cost us only half of the usual price because of a discount coupon. But it doesn’t seem really cheap if there’s no discount. We had to pay about S$31 each, and this was the discounted price. Imagine if there’s no discount, it would probably add up to almost S$60!

I’m not going to write too many things in this post, so I’m just going to post up a few more other pictures of food that I ate. If you manage to get some discount from credit cards etc., maybe you should try it too.

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