Thoughts – Living Without You

Probably a lot of people said this to someone before – I can’t live without you. Do I believe in this? I used to believe that I can’t live without someone I truly love, but not anymore. Now, to me, it’s always possible, when still sane, that anyone can continue living with or without the person whom they said it to. I repeat, when still sane. It’s just a matter of ‘how good’ one can continue living his/her life after that.

Why do I kept emphasizing on the word ‘sane’? For most of the people, probably they only said it when they are emotionally troubled, which would also probably means that they are not really thinking straight. And if that were to happen, they might actually meant what they said and the next thing you know, they might be gone from this world if it were to happen, which will be a really sad thing. But they can’t be blame to a certain extent for emotions are hard to control and once you lose it, it might take a long while to get back to normal.

But if a person is sane, it definitely is possible to continue living your life without that someone. Just that the quality of your life might be affected. You’ll probably won’t be as happy, you’ll probably make decisions or do things without thinking, you’ll probably just live like a zombie, BUT, you’ll live, live your life without him/her.

Of course, there’s always a chance of life getting better as time goes by but that also greatly depends on how important that someone is to you. For some people, it could be a few weeks to months of emptiness or sadness. But for some, it could last for years or even for the rest of his/her life.

If you ever have the thought of saying this, have you ever thought of what will happen to you if that person really left? Are you sure you can’t live without him/her? What happened if the person you love, left you because he/she died, will that be even worse or the same?

I am living without someone and that someone is irreplaceable. Life is badly affected but it still goes on. I meant it.

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