Movie – Gantz

I just finished watching Gantz at a friend’s house, a Japanese movie following the plot of a manga, starring Kenichi Matsuyama (“L” from Death Note) and Kazunari Ninomiya. But in this movie, Kenichi looks really different from the character in Death Note, he doesn’t seem as white and skinny anymore.

Well, I know nothing about the manga only after half way through the movie when a friend told me that, as I was complaining about the weirdness of the movie. Seriously, it’s a rather weird movie. The moment the movie ended, all I can say is “What the…”. Is it really that bad?

At the start of this movie, it shows Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya) at the train station and then suddenly, someone fainted and fell onto the track, and the weirdest thing is, nobody went down to help nor try to press anything or inform anyone to stop the train. They just continued to stare and gasp. I wonder if it’s the movie or in real life, Japanese are like that too (I doubt so and I hope not), because after a long while of gasping and looking, still nobody went down until Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama) finally jumped onto the track and helped the guy up. And at this moment, the train is approaching and Kurono finally went to help him. But instead of pulling him up, he fell down too and at that point, the train came.

But miraculously they never died. Instead they were brought to a room where there’s other people and a big black ball. They were then asked to kill aliens. Or be killed. That’s where all the adventures begin.

No, it’s not really that nice. The aliens look so cartoon for some of them. And a lot of times, they could have just shot the aliens but they just hesitated for don’t know what reasons.

And yes, there’s a part 2 where you are supposed to know the ANSWER. Maybe, just maybe part 2 will be more interesting. But I doubt I’ll watch it at the cinema. Okay, let’s see if I got the energy to watch another movie. *yawn*

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