Movie – Pirates of the Carribean (On Stranger Tides)

I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP! Ok, it’s time for Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides! Yes, it’s a whole new story, as in, it’s not really related to the story line of the last 3 movies of the Pirates, since that story had already ended (Olando Bloom will only see Keira Knightly once every I-forgotten how many years) but then, some of the casts are still the same.

Of course, Johnny Depp is still acting as the ever funny and weird looking Captain Jack Sparrow, while this time, the female lead is starred by Penelope Cruz as Angelica, whom Jack knew and is not sure if he have any feelings for her. The movie started with 2 normal fishermen, who somehow “caught” a human (beware, he is still alive) in their fishing net, and then the next moment, they brought him to see the King of Spain, where the person held a book which contains the route and ritual to the path of youth.

It then showed a court room where Jack Sparrow was being trialled. But instead of Jack, it was Gibbs (starred by Kevin McNally) who was the one caught. And although he kept insisting that he wasn’t Jack, no one listened to him. The funny thing came when the Judge walked into the court room because it was none other than JACK! Apparently nobody knew except Gibbs since all those people had only heard of Jack Sparrow’s name but had never seen him before. Anyway, they managed to escape but got caught somehow, and Jack was brought to see the King George II, who wanted him (to help Captain Hector, his rival) to find the Fountain of Youth before the Spanish. But as the witty Jack, he managed to escape again with the help of his father.

Jack then heard from his father that “Jack Sparrow” is recruiting people to go on a journey to the Fountain of Youth, and soon, Jack realises that the imposter is none other than Angelica, who caught Jack and brought him along before he can even reject it. From then on, the movie only gets more and more interesting (and funny) as the journey of all 3 groups (Angelica, Captain Hector and the Spain people) begun.

Nice movie? Yes, definitely. Should go and watch, especially if you like the story of the first 3 movies. Somewhat, it’s quite similar, as in character of Jack Sparrow, but it’s another totally different adventure.

The only thing I probably don’t really like is how it ended. Wrong, it should be the short clip after the credits. Yes, there’s a short clip on it, and I really meant short, like 5 seconds. It’s not the length that matters but probably the content. I think I’m not the only one who wished that it would be different, e.g. it would be SO MUCH better if they showed what happens after the mermaid (Syrena) brought the missionary (Philip) down into the deep waters. But oh well, that’s only a small part of it and overall its still GREAT! GO GO GO! GO WATCH IT!

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