Food – Menichi Japanese Ramen @ Yishun Northpoint

Had been feeling rather moody since the past 2 weeks, and am still. I wonder if the PMS had become Permanent? I seriously hope not.

Today, I didn’t realise that I left only less than $2 in my wallet, so I took a bus and went to the Yishun Northpoint for lunch with a colleague. We tried this Japanese restaurant called the Menichi – Japanese Ramen, located at level 1 of Yishun Northpoint. It’s easily located. Once you travel up the escalator from the tunnel to the MRT, turn to your left and you’ll probably see it in front of you.

But surprisingly, though it’s quite accessible, the restaurant wasn’t really crowded.

We ordered their set lunch, which includes a bowl of ramen + either 5 sushi or a don, which we both took the sushi one instead. It cost about $11.90 (excluding GST), which seems rather alright.

Then the ramen came first. Initial thought? The quantity didn’t seem a lot and it definitely doesn’t look that appetizing. Upon seeing the bowl of ramen, unknowingly I already popped a question to my colleague – is it enough for you? But luckily the whole meal was made up with the sushi that came later on. It was enough for me (for one of my many meals), but I’m not too sure for those who eat a lot. The taste was just alright though. It didn’t really leave an impression on me.

Maybe, that’s the reason why there wasn’t a crowd.

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