Thoughts – Pain Proportional to Tears

I just thought of another possible theory after a whole day of PAIN. Can the amount of pain be measured by the amount of tears? Tears that flow out on it’s own due to the pain and not deliberately by the person himself/herself?

For the whole of today, I experienced 3 different kinds of pain. Firstly, the most deadly and invisible one, heartache. One that made the tears flow out as if it’s endless. Another one, my menses cramps. One that made my eyes watery but not enough to let it flow down. The last one, the muscle aches and bruises on my legs. No, I never cry for this.

It’s rather amazing isn’t it! To know that there’s so many different kinds of pain, all happening concurrently. And due to the degree of pain, your body somehow detects it and releases the tears to counter it, that is, try to lessen the pain. Yes, I do think that by crying, pain or stress can be reduced. So the more painful it is, more tears are released to balance probably the ‘operations’ of the body so that nothing will be affected. And of course, for different people, I believe the levels are different.

I wonder if anyone thought about this too. Pain caused is proportional to tears produced (T&C applies).

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