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It’s lunch time and everywhere is crowded, especially in the CBD area. Met my girlfriend for lunch around Tanjong Pagar area before going for my meeting at Commonwealth, which seems so far away. She had wanted to bring me to one of the restaurants at Icon, but as we walked along the rows of restaurants, it seems like everywhere is PACKED with people. So we decided to cross the road to the foodcourt at Amara Hotel. But to our surprise, it seems like Amara Hotel is closing for a renovation, at least for the shops area. It’s the last day before they closed, and there’s only 2 stalls left open, which we didn’t really feel like going. So we went back to Icon and look at it’s directory and found this Muffet’s Room, which is situated at the side of Icon, at some rather not crowded area.

We walked to that restaurant and found that it’s just a small little area that can sit less than 20 people. But there’s 2 couples inside, so we thought it shouldn’t be that bad and we decided to try it.

Well, it’s western food. There wasn’t really that much of varieties but for a small little shop like that, it actually feels quite nice and cosy in a way.

The food came and it looks quite nice. I ordered a traditional battered fish and chips, and a “Funky Monkey” juices, which consist of strawberries, orange and banana. Girlfriend ordered fried bananas (dessert). The taste, it’s not too bad. Price is quite alright too, but don’t expect the price in a foodcourt. But sometimes, when everywhere is so crowded, it might be quite nice to just “hide” in a small corner and enjoy a nice, quiet lunch.

Some details on the restaurant:
Muffet’s Room
12 Gopeng Street
Icon Village
Singapore 078877

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