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Finally had a rest and was able to sit down after half a day of standing, walking and running around. Friends (a couple) had joined the Shopping Challenge held at Orchard Central today which started at 4pm. A group of us had went down to give them support and to “vote” for them. The rules of the game is, the teams (12 teams) were given $400 voucher and they had to buy at least 1 apparel, 1 accessory, 1 bag and 1 pair of shoes to dress one of the team member. The theme was to dress up for a Friday and a party after that. So they started and we tagged along, me helping to take photographs on the way. But though tired, it was really fun!! I definitely had a very enjoyable day running around. And there’s also Pierre Png and Rebecca Lim (as the judges)!

Well, anyway, after the whole event ended, we decided to go for some dinner though most of us ain’t exactly that hungry after having some snacks (quite nice) provided by the organizing committee for the Shopping Challenge. We ended up at the Medzs, which is located at the B2 of Orchard Central. Seriously speaking, I really don’t like the structure of that building, it’s so confusing. Probably that’s one of the reasons why not a lot of people are there.

So, this Medzs restaurant operates like the Marche, where there’s each person will be given a card, and then when you go and order the food in the respective stall, you just need to pass them the card and they charge it to the card. At the end of it, when you are exiting, then you’ll need to pay accordingly. There wasn’t really a lot of stalls comparing to that of Marche, and likewise, the area wasn’t that big exactly. It’s all Mediterranean food and the price is slightly probably cheaper than that of Marche. The main difference with Marche is probably you don’t have to queue and wait for your food because they will give you a disc-like thing which will “alert” you once your food is ready.

I ordered a rosti with dried sausages and a skewer of snapper. The rosti don’t really taste that nice. it was a little too thick, thus not as crispy. And that 3 additional pieces of sausages cost $2.00. But the snapper skewer tasted quite nice. Though I would have wanted to suggest to them to display only 1 skewer instead of 2 on each plate, because its rather misleading for people who wanted to order it.

Total cost of this meal, $9.65 because of a 25% discount using POSB or DBS credit card. Take note of this, its really quite a good discount because if not, I don’t think it really is that worth it to eat it here considering the taste and original price of it. But with this, it makes a whole of a difference. Note that the last order is at 10.15pm.

Some details on the restaurant:
Medzs, Simply Mediterranean
181 Orchard Road
#B2-01/02/03 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: 11.00am – 11pm

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