Shopping – Vana @ Orchard Central

Thanks to my two friends, I got a pair of heels for free!! *grin*

There’s still some vouchers left after the whole game and so my friend asked me to just finish using it since it’s only valid for the day itself and she had no idea what to buy anymore (and a lot of shops had already closed by then). So I bought this pair, which is one I had wanted to choose for that friend previously, but we got another one instead (which I kind of like it too).

Well, this was rather comfortable as the heels are not really high, only about 2.5″, which I can comfortable walk in it for work and travelling around places. I chose the totally black one since my other pair of black heels is giving way soon. Though there’s another light pinkish one which looks really sweet.

The shoes there are quite alright, though I would say generally it’s not really that nice but it’s not very expensive, that’s the thing. The sales girl at that shop was a little… not that friendly but I guess it’s due to the time of the day because it’s supposed to be closing time but yet there’s an influx of people still, at the shop.

Hmm… seems like it’s been quite a while since I went for any shopping spree. So tempted to go for a tour. How?

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