Blog #0069

I didn’t know that my body was “damaged” because of that. I thought I’ll be alright even if I didn’t especially take care of it but now then I know it wasn’t enough.

I thought of it as irregular for the last month but when this month was as bad (or worse), I knew something was wrong. I didn’t want to delay it any further and so I went to see the Chinese physician just now.


And BAD.

None of the symptoms that I had indicated that it’s in anyway, in good form. In fact, it was rather terrible. Why and how did I end up like that? I asked myself.

Doctor said the only things that I can do is to avoid basically all foods that are cold, spicy or fried. That’s like asking me to go on a diet. But I don’t have a choice. And upon all these, I need to be on those chinese powdery medicine, to see if it’ll get any better. I hope it gets better.

I just had my last meal of fried food – Long John Silver. Please don’t let it close down before I recover.

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