Blog #0070

Why do I always have the insomnia problem…? I hate it when it occurred. Two days in a row, really tired but can’t sleep. Sigh…

What could be the reasons that causes this? Work? Yes, I’m indirectly working with idiots who probably tried to push their luck by throwing smoke bomb with the intention to delay work. Relationship? Yes, I’m definitely not used to sleeping alone. Stress? Yes, I’m still working with idiots and they got me stuck in a lot of things. Bloody hell. I hate it when I need to work with people with a total no sense of urgency!

Will be so great if someone can sing me a lullaby or tell me a bedtime story. Even easier, hug me to sleep

At times, I just hate my life. I love it, but I hate it too. So contradicting but I guess that’s life.

*Starring blankly into the ceiling, cursing and swearing in the head*

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