Food – Boon Tong Kee @ Balestier

The past days and weeks hadn’t been really good for me and my girlfriend as we both struggled through some of the things that happened in each of our life. Similar but somewhat different. But I guess it’s time to end it.

I took leave today and spent half of it, on the neutral side, to explain and lay out the causes and results of what and why it could possibly had happened. And probably what are some of the options that she had. Honestly, she don’t have a lot. In the eyes of a third party, to a certain extent, it seems quite clear what she should do. But nonetheless, this is her life, and she had to decide it.

Well, we checked in to a hotel somewhere along Balestier Road. Mainly for her to have some rest. Then we had our dinner at Boon Tong Kee, which from my knowledge, is supposed to be the main one. Food, is always a good help, isn’t it? But that’s provided one is able to eat.

Both of us were supposed to refrain from anything spicy or oily, but… eating chicken rice without it’s chilli?! HAH!

Well, I took as minimal as I can. *sticks out tongue*

The chicken is nice. Vegetables too. We ordered soup too, of course, and it’s nice too. It’s no wonder most of the time, its crowded over here. And the price was quite reasonable too. Actually, there really is quite a lot of food around this area. And it seems quite nice to stay around this area, isn’t it?

Service is alright although the aunties and uncles working there, seems a little weird. We wanted one cup of warm and one cup of extremely hot water. And the uncle had to confirm thrice with us. And then when an auntie brought the cups here, she confirmed twice again.  But instead of one each, she brought 2 cups of extremely hot water. Weird.

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