Blog #0091

Finally on my way to an extremely short holiday at Genting! Was quite a last minute plan but I think I need and deserve it although a further and longer trip might be a lot better. I already passed the Woodlands checkpoint and is now on my way there on a coach. Couldn’t really sleep. […]

Blog #0090

Things are getting more fun! And I’m getting so lazy. This job is definitely not for me. Yes, it’s a job, not a career. Luckily I’ve got other things to keep myself REAL busy nowadays! I’m SOOOOOOO GOOD! Oh, my thoughts are in random. Let you know soon, I hope. Pray that I can gather […]

Blog #0089

Okay, this will probably the first and the last BBQ I’ll ever have with this group. LMAO. Today, after a few weeks of planning, we finally had our first officially BBQ, with only the people from our gang! So happily, we finally all arrived at the newly bought condo of one of them, and settled […]

Blog #0088

A question was being asked just now, to me, and that I need to answer it honestly. Of course, I did, and I don’t have to think to answer because there’s totally no doubts at all. In this world, there are just some things that capture only your attention, and there some people whom you […]