Food – Outback Steakhouse @ Millenia Walk

I’m so glad I managed to leave slightly after 6pm. Had thought that I’ll be stuck till even later…

Today is a Friday. I had heeded the advice from a friend to try and focus on my work, and thus I tried today. Early in the morning, I went out to my vendor’s office for some sort of training from them. My initial plan was to go back home and rush out some documents instead of wasting my time travelling back to the office. But after 30 minutes through the training, I decided that I had to go back to the office and discuss some of the things with my boss. It was terrible. To me, the project was horrible, and still is, though my boss thought otherwise.

Anyway, the day started out slow but for the rest of the day, I didn’t have much time to rest amid my calls to and from both the vendor and the client. It was crazy. And just before I was about to leave, my boss stopped and talked to me. I was in a rush, to meet my sister for dinner, and to look at the present that we intended to buy for our mum’s 60th birthday (main purpose).

Well, as I said, luckily I still left shortly after 6pm and reached Millenia Walk at about 7.10pm. We decided to have our dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. They had changed the menu but I guess generally, the items are still the same. I chose grilled salmon instead after being reminded by my sister that I’m not supposed to eat anything cold, including caesar salad. And then guess what? A call to The Hourglass @ Millenia Walk made us realised that it will be closed at 7.30pm (which is at the time of calling), which after hanging up the phone, I ran all the way to The Hourglass, which is a few shops away. But after looking at the watches, we decided to probably look around for other models instead.

The staff at the Outback Steakhouse was really nice. When she saw us coming back (we told her that we need to leave for a while after placing the order), she immediately let the kitchen know that our orders can be processed. This is good service.

The food came and as usual, it tasted really nice and the portion is relatively quite a lot. Its quite a good place to sit down and chill too, with a varieties of desserts and drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic). We sat there and chatted for at least 2 hours before leaving the restaurant. It was a nice evening spent.

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