Movie – X-Men: First Class

It’s the time of the year where nice movies are coming out one after another! So the first one (more or less) that arrives is none other than the X-men: First Class!

In this movie, you get to see the young Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik, also commonly known as Magneto, and how it all began from the start for the X-men. At the beginning of the movie, it was the scene in a German concentration camp in Poland. The young Erik was being separated from his parents and then brought to a room with Sebastian Shaw, a scientist, and the main villain in this movie. He was then asked to make a coin move, but when he kept saying that he couldn’t, his mum was then brought into the room too by two guards. There, he was threatened to move the coin or else, his mum will be shot. He tried and he failed. His mum was killed and in his rage, his magnetic powers somehow appeared and killed the two guards. Shaw was delighted.

On the other hand, it shows a young Charles in a wealthy family. And on one night, he heard a noise in the kitchen. So he went to take a look and found his mum. But then shockingly, he questioned the “mum’s” identity and then to realise that, it was actually a blue young girl, Raven (also known as Mystique subsequently). That was when they became friends ever since.

It then shows quite a few years later, on a scene where Erik forces a banker in Switzerland, to tell him the whereabouts of Shaw in Argentina. And then subsequently on him travelling around to look for Shaw, killing some people in between. And then at the same time, a lady CIA agent (Moira MacTaggart) followed U.S. Army Colonel Hendry, who was meeting Shaw at a club. She then saw Emma Frost and Azazel transforming. With all the questions in her head (after she saw the transformation), she went to look for Charles and seek help on mutation. From then on, Charles and Raven helped the CIA. And on one occasion where they managed to track Shaw down, Erik found Shaw too and wanted to kill him. And then Charles saw Erik and managed to stop him from killing him Shaw as he will end up drowning himself instead. This is where they became friends.

And then from then on, they worked together to “recruit” other mutants and fight against Shaw, who has the power to absorb energy.

Nice movie. A MUST to watch.

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