Food – Shin Minori @ UE Square

This is simply SPLENDID! And guess what? I’d FINALLY tried my first sashimi! Woohoo! That’s really an achievement, isn’t it?! But well, even though I tried it, I still don’t really like the taste especially the tuna sashimi. Salmon sashimi wasn’t that bad though.

Anyway, I’m at Shin Minori at UE Square, located at level 3. This was recommended by my sister so we decided to try with our friends tonight. Luckily we made a reservation as the whole place was really crowded. They gave us a room to ourselves since there were 9 of us in total. It was an ala carte Japanese buffet.

We reached at about 7.30pm, ordered our food from the wide varieties of Japanese food and waited. And waited. And… waited…

And… the first dish finally came after 25 minutes! A bowl of noodle! Well, what I’m trying to say is… because of the crowd, it took quite a long while for the food to arrive. And when eventually they did, it’s one by one instead of a few dishes together. I guess that’s where all the negative comments came about on online forums.

But then honestly, it wasn’t that bad, at least not the service nor the food! Maybe it’s because they were afraid that their reputation will be affected, the waiter and the manager kept coming in to apologize for the wait, and asked if the food was alright.

And of course, the food tasted really nice! There’s so much varieties to choose from, ranging from sushi, to udon, sashimi etc. It’s really great. I had such a nice dinner tonight and though the wait is a little long, it’s definitely worth it. But probably next time, or a suggestion was to reach there earlier, and start ordering earlier.

Great place, great food.

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