Thoughts – Read from a Face

I was drenched, from head to toe, dripping with rain water. What’s the worse thing? I’m wearing a white dress. The only thing I’m glad is, I brought a jacket with me, which I wore it way too late. The rain was extremely heavy but I still made my way to a seminar – The Look of Love, by Joey Yap. It’s a face reading seminar by Joey Yap, on how you can see one’s character’s from just purely his/her face, but basically of course, for him to promote his course. And the one main thing I learned from this seminar – there’s no use in knowing what is the negative thing that will happen, focus on the solutions and it would be a much better decision.

This sentence, somehow, doesn’t seem to be related to face reading at all, isn’t it?

So many things had happened and I’d gone to extents to know myself better. But does all these help? Yes, in a way it does. It somehow creates an awareness in me. Yes, I am more aware of how I feel, what kind of person I am, and how I can improve it. It all starts with awareness. When there’s awareness, and one is willing to be determine and change, things will get better. After all, like what Joey always said, “For things to get better, you have to be better.”. It definitely is a good attitude.

Anyway, so what’s the purpose of me going for this seminar? Partly, due to curiousity, partly, I wanted to know how true it can be. And after that one hour session, it seems and feels rather accurate. Imagine if one is able to read a person’s face and immediately to possibly determine some of his/her character traits, wouldn’t it be easier to either work with that person or maybe stay away?

I bought the set of books that was written by Joey. Haven’t got the time to flip it through but once if I do, I guess I’ll share it here in my blog.

“Don’t judge a person by its looks”. Are you sure?

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