Blog #0075

Definitely deduct points from them no matter how good or nice their food is. Just attempted to take my dinner at Boon Tong Kee @ Balestier at around 7pm during that peak hours. Was standing right in front of the counter, waiting to tell the 2 ladies (staffs) that I’m dining in with 2 pax. But since they were discussing on some work, I didn’t really want to interrupt and thus, I waited. About 5 minutes later, they finally stopped and one of them walked away, pretending never to see me. The other continued to look at her sheet of paper without looking up. And at this moment, another lady (a customer) walked up to the staff that walked away and asked her where to get the queue number. She then pointed to that direction and that lady just walked up, said “3 person”, and the staff finally looked up and pass her a queue number. Irritated, I took the number from her, then walked to the coffeeshop beside, took my dinner there, and threw away the queue number.

That’s the service level of Singapore. Congrats.

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