Food – New York New York @ AMK Hub

Okay, it’s definitely not satisfying for some reasons. And I’m not the only one who said that.

A bunch of us just had our dinner at New York New York restaurant at basement one of Ang Mo Kio Hub. Most of the food are western food and there’s always a crowd especially during meal times.

But today, as I tried the ordered my grilled chicken and ate it… Hmm… something just seems missing after we had our dinner. It’s filling but yet it’s not satisfying. What could be the problem?

Well, my grilled chicken tasted alright. And so are all the rest of the food that my sister, cousins and niece ate. I stress again, there’s nothing wrong with the food, it tasted quite nice, it’s just that somehow, after eating the meal, it just doesn’t seem fulfilling.

Anyway, since it’s always packed with people, I guess it’s quite popular and the food shouldn’t be that bad right? Furthermore, there isn’t a lot of branch around in Singapore that’s so convenient and accessible. Just found out that the one at the One Raffles Link had closed down. The price is normal for a restaurant but the service wasn’t really that good during peak hours. I think they should put more people on duty at peak hours.

Otherwise, I think it’s quite an okay place to go. Though if you ask me, I don’t think I’ll frequent it that much because there’s nothing really special on their food. But that’s me.

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