Movie – Kungfu Panda 2

It’s so funny! *Inner peace… Inner peace…*

I just finished watching Kung Fu Panda 2 at AMK Hub with my niece and cousins. It’s really a very funny movie that’s definitely suitable for children, and for adults too!

This movie is a continuation of Kung Fu Panda (Part 1) but this time, the story is about the Peacock Prince, who uses the power of fireworks in a bad way, and thus created bombs. And at the same time, Po was trying to know where he came from as his father is definitely not his real father. So as the story unveils itself, Po realized that his parents was actually killed by the Peacock Prince. What’s more, due to a prophecy that says that the Peacock Prince will be killed by a Panda, he then asked his soldiers to kill every single panda that they can find. Po was rescued by his father and thus managed to escape the killings.

But as Po started to know about his troubled pasts, he couldn’t concentrate and left his team. And then a series of events happened…

Of course, this is a movie for children so it can’t possibly have a bad ending right?

Must watch movie if it’s for your children. I’m quite sure they will love it!

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