Blog #0080

My room is starting to get messy again. A bad sign. A sign that tells me that either my mind is in a mess and/or I’m too occupied and tired to do anything. This time round? My guess is both.

I K.O. (knock-out) yesterday night with my hair totally still wet. And in the morning, I got lectured for quite a while by my mum for doing that. So now, instead of doing work again, I decided to take this time, while drying my hair, to catch up with my writings for the past week. So let’s start from the more recent ones as I traced my life back to… *blank*

I am. Extremely tired. Shag. My eyes are actually half-closed now, but I need to wait for the hair to dry. Maybe, I’ll consider taking out the hair dryer later.

My fringe had been getting longer (of course) since the last that I cut. And it’s getting rather irritating as it starts poking into my eyes. Guess what I did just now? I cut my own fringe! WOOHOO! So in case you were wondering what that picture is? That’s my hair!

Anyway, I just went to see the Chinese physician just now. A weekly thing ever since 2 weeks ago. Well, nothing much said as I need to wait for another 2 weeks to see the outcome. But I’ve not been a really good girl as I can’t stop myself from being tempted to eat some slightly spicy food. Oops.

A bad news came this morning. My neighbour, an auntie, had a bad fall at 4am in the morning. Knocked her head and fainted, and was in the operation room for more than 10 hours. Now, she’s still unconscious, but luckily got out of critical condition. The thing is, doctor said that she might be half paralyzed. For now, we can only pray and hope for the best.

Work, had been really busy, as my handphone continues to ring every other few minutes. And I can’t seem to get much help from my vendor. Or rather, I stopped trusting them that they’ll do a good job or do it on time. I’m doing work after office hours. Almost everyday. And all my inspirations had been killed. Gosh.

Maybe… I don’t really have the strength to update this site…

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