Blog #0081

07:00 – Alarm clock went off.
07:53 – Managed to get out of the house.
08:25 – Reached an extremely crowded AMK station.
08:58 – I AM EARLY!
09:48 – Finally took my first bite of muffin bought by girlfriend yesterday night.
11:12 – Cracking my head and asking a lot of people to help to solve a problem.
12:15 – Luckily my developer managed to enlighten us and solve it with just a small change. Wondering why did the vendor say they never hardcode any IP address.
14:00 – Back from lunch, a nice one (not the food, but the company).
14:36 – Finished my last bite of muffin and took my chinese medicine. Euks.
15:41 – Tried to clear all the issues on the iPhone application. Some day, if I got the time, I’ll do one for fun.
17:13 – Finally got time to sit down and clear my own stack of letters (accumulated 2 weeks).
19:20 – Reached Hougang Green, met a girlfriend for dinner and sinfully had Arnold’s Chicken. Oops.
21:45 – Back home and quickly bathed because I wore the “wrong” clothes to work. It’s simply just too revealing. Didn’t realise until I was a little more awake.
22:13 – Time to login and write something. It’s time to set things RIGHT!!

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