Blog #0082

YES! I managed to make my first nice spin in my pole dance class today!

Alright, I guess I got the technique but it’s definitely difficult. I had my first lesson 3 weeks ago. Missed my 2nd and 3rd, and today was my 4th class, and I can tell you, it was simple terrible. I almost wanted to give up but my friend kept telling me to push on, and I’m really glad she did because it was actually really fun. *Contemplating with the idea of having a pole in house*

Anyway, next week will be a tiring one because we’ll be going for our make-up class on Tuesday and Friday, and our normal lesson is on Wednesday. Monday my project will be launching, and I’ll be expecting a lot of updates. Thursday, I’m having another class. It’s been such a long time since I last went for my facial and all my schedules and routines are all messed up! What’s worse, my tummy is showing up because I’ve been eating so much due to the stress, and I’ve been having problems to sleep at night, and waking up in the morning. Even though I slept earlier last night (before 12am), I’m still tired for the whole day.

But nonetheless… I’M IN A REALLY GOOD MOOD TODAY! Firstly, my testing went well, relatively. Secondly, I had a nice chat with people. And┬álastly, I repeat, I┬ámade my first nice spin around the pole! *LOL*

Okay, guess I need to go and bathe, dry my hair and try to sleep already. It’s going to be another busy day tomorrow. Goodnight to all! I love you!

*Waiting happily for tomorrow, to see all my bruises on my arms and legs*

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