Thoughts – Pride in Work

I feel that, it’s really sad for one to work without taking pride in the work that they do. No matter how bad the work can be, no matter how tough it can be, why doesn’t one take pride in something that he/she did?

After these few weeks of struggling and looking at the output that my vendors, I totally lost faith in their work, because I don’t see that any of them did their work seriously. It seems more of a “just do it to get her to shut up for a while” kind of results.

Mistakes and lots of mistakes. That’s what happen when you just anyhow do it and hand up the homework. That’s what happen when you don’t take pride in the work that you do.

Alas… if only their opinions will change. Do it with pride and probably they’ll feel a lot happier. And by producing a work with pride, will probably have lesser mistakes and in turn, the clients will be happier. Isn’t that a lot more wonderful?

But most humans are probably not like that, or at least half of it. I can only continue to sigh…

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