Blog #0086

Another 55 more minutes. How’s my birthday this year? It SUCKS!!!!!

I don’t expect expensive gifts or tours, or any major celebration for my birthday. All I’ve ever wanted was to have a really peaceful day with my family and loved ones. It’s really just that simple. Today, initially I only thought it’s just in the morning that I need to work. But…

I’ve got SMSes and even calls on and off for the whole of today! And it’s not birthday wishes!! It’s SMSes telling me that I need to change this and that, and THAT!

*Totally PISSED!*

I don’t feel peaceful. It’s like there’s something in my head because I need to remember those things that they mentioned while I’m OUT. And I can’t fully enjoy my time with my family as I kept having these SMSes, and knowing that I can’t stay too late outside because I need to fix these things soon. TMD.

This sure is pissing me off, waaaaaaaaaay OFF. It’s time to update my resume.

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