Food – Cafe Cartel @ Yishun


Well, although it’s not totally over yet but at least one BIG milestone is OVER! Woo-hoo! And I’m still ALIVE! So is my temporary engineer! Anyway, I’m now having lunch with him to thank him for the help for the past few months. It’s been really to have him helping out here and there. I think I’ll go nuts if I’m the only one around in my office for my project.

Vendor management was a headache, not the one I liaised with most though, but the indirect ones. Client management was getting slightly better as time goes by although they were really making me @#(&@(#^! for the whole of yesterday but it’s okay. I’m okay. I’m alive.

I needed some nicer food so we ended up here and there’s the set lunch menu which cost only $9.50 nett! We took that of course. It came with a soup, a drink and a main course. I took the BBQ chicken and it tasted great!

It’s not located at Yishun Northpoint though. Instead it’s at the building where the cinema is. Is it still called Yishun 10? At least I know it used to be because of the 10 cinema theatres upstairs. But now, I’m not too sure what it’s called. But it’s not that difficult to find as it’s just behind Yishun Northpoint.

It’s just too bad that half way through the meal, my vendor called and… sigh… I lost my appetite after that and never get to enjoy a nice lunch. Still, I’d always loved Cafe Cartel.

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