Thoughts – Beauty Sleep

I just got home not long ago, after a late night class of one hour of pole dance. Oh yes, have I mentioned that I took pole dance? Well, probably I hadn’t. Anyway, my project successfully launched yesterday and I finally had a good rest and sleep last night at 11pm. And just now, as I was bathing and looking into the mirror (don’t ask me why I do that), somehow, I saw a glow in my face and it definitely look FRESH!

Have you ever wonder how much can a good night sleep affect your life?

Seriously, for the past 3 weeks, I’m quite sure I hadn’t seen my face in that colour. I’ve been sleeping late, and not sleeping well nor enough. Though I tried to eat better, somehow my face still look so pale and dull. But just one night of good sleep, it seems to change everything.

The Chinese physician that I’d been seeing actually mentioned that sleeping early is good for the body, but I sure didn’t know it affects the face too. And what’s more, not only do I look better, I felt BETTER TOO because for the past weeks, I’m so grouchy and grumpy! But today, all I could do was kept smiling to myself, and the world suddenly becomes brighter and nicer! By feeling that, the way I talked to people seems to change too, and I’m quite sure they felt that.

Isn’t that wonderful? No wonder people call it ‘Beauty Sleep’. So you better start sleeping early!

P/S: Sleeping early means before 11pm (latest at 12 midnight).

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