Blog #0088

A question was being asked just now, to me, and that I need to answer it honestly. Of course, I did, and I don’t have to think to answer because there’s totally no doubts at all. In this world, there are just some things that capture only your attention, and there some people whom you will never forget, somehow, no matter how hard you try. And there are certain things, that you just can’t change. That’s how things are amazingly created.

I finally got the time to take a break (and hopefully for the rest of today). A little distracted today as sleeps are lacking but nonetheless, it’s better than the previous weeks. And of course, there’s the aches, bruises, scratches and rashes, which came from my pole dance classes. Fats are appearing everywhere due to the unhealthy diet. Gosh.

But at least… I’m BACK!

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