Shopping – OG @ Albert Street

It must be the combination of the air-con and the extremely hot weather that causes the terrible headache that occurred after the short nap. I took leave today to accompany my mum for shopping, which I hadn’t done that for a long time. So, we went to her ever favourite shop – OG. Till now, I have no idea what OG meant and I never really bother to find out. All I knew was, this brand had been there for a really long time, since I was young. And then after that, I just defined it as “Old Girl” because only the aunties (mainly) will visit and buy things from there. But under the influence of my mum, I, in fact, quite like to shop there too.

This OG that we frequent is located at Albert Street, 5 to 10 minutes walk from Bugis MRT. There’s another 2 located at both Orchard and Chinatown. OG actually sells quite a lot of things, and resembles any shopping mall like Takashimaya, Metro and Isetan, except that the things they sell, might not be as popular (not really the branded kind). But otherwise, it’s quite alright until recently, it’s either me or I find that their pricing increased.

And somehow there isn’t a lot of varieties to choose from.

But nonetheless, there’s still things to buy and you will get further discount if you are a member of OG. For a shop that’s been there for such a long time, I seriously don’t really wish it to close down. So once in a while, maybe it’s good to just go there and support it. Anyway, this will probably be one of the last few times where I go shopping (for clothes). Really need to practice frugality.

A sad news though (totally not related). The auntie from next door (one of my neighbour) just passed away. Her conditions was rather stable and thus the doctor shifted her from ICU to a normal ward yesterday but now… Life’s so unpredictable. She’s only 48 this year.

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