Blog #0089

Okay, this will probably the first and the last BBQ I’ll ever have with this group. LMAO.

Today, after a few weeks of planning, we finally had our first officially BBQ, with only the people from our gang! So happily, we finally all arrived at the newly bought condo of one of them, and settled at the BBQ pit at around 6pm. Well, it’s actually not really too late. But anyway, we spent 2.5 hours trying to set up the fire. Don’t ask me why, it’s due to various reasons. LMAO. And then after that we finally started BBQ-ing!

BUT! I think it’s been too long since we all BBQ-ed, because the otah, chicken wings and sotong all doesn’t seem that totally cooked initially. Luckily after that it got a lot better. I just hope I don’t get a diarrhoea tomorrow. LMAO.

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