Shopping – Tai Hong Hung @ Lucky Plaza

I just burnt a really BIG hole in my pocket again but it’s definitely worth it! Well, it’s my mum’s 60th birthday, yes, 2 weeks ago. So this is what me and my sister got for her – a ladies Rolex watch.

We’d searched for a long time but couldn’t find one that’s nice and within our budget, and thus the delay. In the end, after going in circles, we still ended up getting the one we saw initially.

The price was relatively good compared to the other models. It’s just too bad that we couldn’t get it in white surface (though I preferred the black one) because it had been discontinued. And the pink one looks horrible and it looks more like light brown.

And during this period of searching, I guessed I learned a lot about watches, especially on Rolex. For example, now I know that for Rolex, you can’t just order the model you want. Because what Rolex did is to randomly pick a few models and send them to their authorized distributors, and thus the reason why different models are seen at different branches or shops. And then, I also learned about the different types of bezels, dials, straps etc., which was rather interesting.

Most importantly to note, all discounts are fixed, regardless of any shops! Apparently Rolex controlled it.

Anyway, the uncle was really nice and friendly. Previously we got one here from our Dad too. It was a shop called Tai Hong Hung at level 1 of Lucky Plaza. Guess this shop had been around for quite a while but do beware of the other shops at Lucky Plaza, especially those selling second hand watches. Unless you are a “pro” in watches, otherwise probably it’s better to get from more known shops.

Well, if you are considering buying one, quickly buy it soon! The prices are increasing!

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