Food – VivItalia @ COURTS Tampines

Just had a really fun time participating in the “LAST HOURLY PROMOTION” by COURTS @ Tampines. And Woohoo! We bought a 32″ Samsung LCD TV! But well, that’s not important. The most important now is to FILL UP THE STOMACH!

And there seems to be only one available (and nearest) restaurant in that building, which is none other than the VivItalia. I’d never tried this before, and in fact, haven’t even heard of it before. But since it was almost closing time and we were famished, we decided to just try the food out.

As soon as we sat down, a waitress came over and brought us the menus. It’s mainly Italian food, which means pastas and pizzas, but weirdly, there seems to be a few local dishes included (not sure why). Well, we didn’t ordered the local food of course. What we got for ourselves – a Hawaiian pizza (my all-time favourite), 3 plates of creamy chicken pasta and a slice of cheese cake with some berries on top.

The food came shortly and honestly, it smells and looks FANTASTIC! Especially the creamy chicken pasta. The sauce was more than enough, and so were the chicken slices. The quantity was a lot too. And the best thing is, it’s not really that expensive!

As for the location, well, if you are around that area (IKEA or Giants), and if IKEA happens to be really or extremely crowded, maybe, this might be an alternative. But I’m not too sure if it’s crowded too during peak hours. Anyway, THUMBS UP for this restaurant, I’m sure to visit it again! SOON! Nice place for dining (lunch or dinner).

OH! I forgotten to add, there’s a guy (possibly the son of the boss) who looks damn cute!!

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