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There’s always a risk in buying things online, especially if it involves in a lot of money. So for me, even though I buy things online, I will not get those that cost too much. I started buying online clothes from Hong Kong after I realised that I don’t really have the time to literally go shopping (especially for the past few months). Sadly but I guess it happens to a lot of other people too.

Most of the time, I usually bought the clothes from an online wholesale shop which I frequent for quite a while until I found this shop – JE551. Seriously, you wouldn’t miss it if you went searching for “wholesale clothes” in google. I knew about this site quite a long time ago and it seems reliable, but somehow, I just didn’t buy anything from this shop until last week, where I went through it rather in detail and found 2 things – there’s a WIDE varieties and it’s cheaper for the same design that I got from my usual shop. And thus, I decided to try for it even though the minimum amount is a little bit more (around S$50).

So, as I reached home today, I saw the package on the floor. Excitedly, I opened it up and saw a letter in it, stating the number of items that is in the package. 14. I thought I ordered 18 pieces. I checked my email to see if there’s any emails from them. None. I logged into the website to see the items that I ordered. 18. But other than that, I don’t see any notes or information on the possibly out-of-stock items that weren’t in the package nor the additional amount that I paid for the 4 missing pieces, except circles on the piece of letter.

But nonetheless, though the mood was a little dampened, I happily took it to my room, opened the first piece and tried it out (like a fashion show). Alas… the first piece wasn’t that good. In fact, it was bad. The size seems a lot bigger and it doesn’t look like what I saw in the picture. Well, I tried the second piece. Terrible. It bust line seems a little tight. No, I’m quite sure I went through the size of all the clothes that I got this time to ensure that it’s okay. Then, as I continued trying all the clothes, I only had ONE verdict – I’m never ever going to buy the clothes from JE551 anymore.

It seems like, though the pictures are the same, the manufacturers aren’t (I never verified this before). The quality of these batch of clothes seems so lousy. Cotton doesn’t feel like cotton. Even if it is, it’s those kind that are so thin. I even have a dress, where the chiffon it’s so bloody thin, it feels like those that you wear on the inside. The quality was really bad (almost 12 out of 14). Measurements of the clothes doesn’t seem that accurate, most of the time it’s smaller than bigger. Workmanship is DEFINITELY terrible. There were threads everywhere, even in the seams of some of the clothes. Bad experience, that’s all I can say.

JE551 – it’ll be strike off from my list. For you, I’m not too sure but I just want to share my first experience with you on JE551. I still trust in online shopping though (at least for my usual shop).

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