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As I stepped into my room, I couldn’t help but noticed that colourful package on top of my cabinet. My belated birthday present from my sister, I’m quite sure about it. I had requested for her to get a pink earphone after she asked me what I want for my birthday this year. And to my surprise, she got FIVE for me! And it’s all different!

Yes, that’s my beloved sister, my one and only sister (elder). The one I knew for my whole life, the one that dotted on me ever since I’m born. She never really say it out but I could feel it. She’s always there, if you need her.

She’s not really vocal, in some areas, but otherwise she’s really friendly and talkative to a certain extent. She’s getting fatter but recently she’s trying to cut down on food and eating a bit more healthier because her cholesterol level doesn’t seem really good. We both have this problem. Not sure why. But I hope she’ll get better.

I only saw her cried twice – once when my Goddad passed away, and the other time was a really long time ago. I didn’t understand back then (for the latter). Why was my parents so upset, and why, for the first time in my life, my sis was crying. To be honest, I hated the way things were back then. I was having my history paper the following day and locking me inside the room doesn’t really help much. I hated history. And then subsequently after that, my mum kept repeated one sentence to me – “one is enough”, for years. I was 13 then.

And now, after so many years, and been through so many things, I don’t see any problem with the way she’s living her life, after all, the main thing, I just want her to be happy. My dad has gotten over this a long time ago too. As for my mum, well, funnily, though she’s still against it and am annoyed, she wouldn’t do anything to stop anymore. And in a way, pissing her off at times can be quite entertaining too *oops*. Life’s good.

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