Movie – Transformer: Dark of the Moon

NICE!!! It’s a continuous of almost 2 hours of non-stop action!! In 3D some more! Oh yes, I don’t really have a choice because they (Genting) only show this movie in 3D version, but it doesn’t really matter because it’s still NICE!

Well, Megan Fox isn’t starring in this movie anymore but luckily they managed to create a story such that this is his new girlfriend. But if you were to ask me, I would definitely prefer Megan Fox. This lady, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (as Carly Spencer), to me, doesn’t seem as pretty nor have a style on her own. And a little, sorry to say, bim-bo-tic, to me but maybe it’s because of her character in this movie.

Anyway, the main character is still the same, Sam Witwicky (starring Shia LaBeouf). So the initial part of the story shows how he managed to meet this new girlfriend, Carly, and that he is still jobless after graduating for quite a while. But his girlfriend, on the other hand, is working for a wealthy guy.

All the Autobots, are still working with the NEST team and because of their “job nature” to help the NEST team, Sam had very little time with them. It was until during a mission in the middle east where they unexpectedly found a Decepticon and a fuel cell from the Ark, a ship that was used to transport fuel cells during the final days of the war, but had crashed and was lost.

Optimus Prime then demanded an explanation and the Secretary of Defense told him that actually NASA detected the crash of the Ark into the moon in the 1960’s and America had made a rush to land on the moon before the Russian. Optimus Prime and Ratchet then went to the crashed site and found the Ark, and eventually, a weakened Sentinel Prime, in a secret chamber. Therefore, bringing Sentinel back to Earth, where Optimus Prime revived him, as well as the other 5 “pillars”. But as things seem to become better, there actually is an underlying plot that changes the whole event. And that’s also where Sam suddenly got to know and tried to warn the Autobots.

Great movie.

I felt that this is better than the previous two. Or at least equivalent. There’s still a lot of actions, and more people are definitely involved in this. There’s also definitely more damages, which almost seem like a end-of-the-world kind of movie. And suddenly, it reminded me of all those alien invading Earth kind of movie. Hmmm… But still, it’s the Transformers!

The only thing I find it funny was… how come robots also has beard? 4.5 out of 5 stars or popcorns, or whatever! MUST WATCH!

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