Movie – Treasure Inn

Alright, this is the last movie that I’m going to watch at this Genting trip. After all, there’s only 3 movies to watch and I already finished watching the other two. Crappy chinese movie as usual, but I wouldn’t mind since the movie tickets is slightly cheaper.

This movie, stars Nicholas Tse as a Master Kung and Nick Cheung as Lo Po, who are both low ranking officers in the yamen (court of the olden days) and working in the kitchen. But they actually know how to fight and have rather high skills especially for Master Kung.

One day, the whole family of the richest man in the town was killed and the family treasure – the “White Jade Goddess of Mercy”, was stolen. The two of them then went to investigate, and noted down all the evidence. Then came a high ranking officer from the city who came to investigate this murder but who knows, all the evidence was “cleaned” up and “washed” away by the officer-in-charge. Master Kung then told the high ranking officer that he already noted down on the location of the dead, and how they died. But who knows, after telling him, just a sentence from him resulted in the two of them (Master Kung and Lo Po) being the suspects of the murder and will be killed! At the same time, the water and fire dragon girl (starring Charlene Choi and Huang Yi) pretended to be wanted criminals and one of them went into the prison. That’s how they got to know each other. And from then, a love-at-first-sight developed between Nicholas and Charlene.

Overall, it’s quite a funny movie. It’s still as crappy but the storyline is still okay. There’s also a slight twist in the story and thus making it not as terrible as those chinese comedies.

3 out of 5. If it’s just to kill time, then it’s okay. Just don’t expect too much from it.

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