Thoughts – A Common Goal

I kept looking at the person that’s been with me for the past weeks ever since the decision was made. We’ve been starting to plan for our future (regardless of the reason on the split and the back together) and things seem to be moving on fine, at least for the past weeks. And unknowingly, it really seems and feels better. Why? Is it because right now we see a common goal in our life, i.e. to decide to be with each other?

No, it’s definitely not without arguments. How can a couple live without any arguments at all. Don’t anyone ever heard before that no arguments doesn’t mean it’s good? In fact, it might be even worse. But of course, too much of anything isn’t good either. But as I said, though we are back together, it’s not without arguments. We DID still argue, it’s just that right now, we tend to give in to each other a little bit more. After all, if we decide to live with each other for the rest of both our lives, then why fight, if not needed?

But yes, I do believe that, to have a common goal between a couple, is really important. And this applies to anything. At least, for anything that you do, if it’s common, it will means that there’s less conflicts. And lesser conflicts will probably make the whole process of doing anything more enjoyable since you don’t get to argue and spoil the mood of both parties.

Then how can a common goal be set? Well, for some couples, it might not be that easy especially if the characters and thinking of both parties are really different. So, it always boils down to the word called “Compromising”. Yes, compromise. Each person give in a little, and as time goes by, you’ll both meet in the middle. But do take note, compromising doesn’t come from just one party, if you want the relationship to be a healthy one. Compromising only on one side will result in another word called “Pampering”, and a “Spoiled Kid/Adult” will be created. So in order to prevent that, if you find that you are the one compromising too much, please start to fight it out and get some of your rights back.

Don’t ever give in blindly. You can dote, but don’t pamper.

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