Thoughts – Little Me

As I spent the whole day at home, taking the meds (from a bad sore throat), doing some work every now and then, and spending time playing with my 7 months old nephew, I couldn’t help but wished that I have my own baby now. A little me. A baby that is part of me, and a part of the one I love. Isn’t that wonderful? The amazing creation of life.

He’s so adorable. Smiling and brightening your whole world. I guess that’s the wonders of babies. It just carries your worries away. Yes, at times it might be quite irritating especially when they started to cry. And that you might need to wake up early in the morning just to feed them. But it’s definitely worth all the effort. After all, you (the mother) carries him/her in the womb for 9 months.

Have you got any kids? Ain’t they adorable especially when they are young?

I love kids, especially my own. And I know my whole family will love that too. If only… *sniff*

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