Blog #0096

CRAP! Less than 5 hours of sleep isn’t going to make my mood splendid today!

Yes, it’s my own problem because I got sleeping issues but its as if I wanted that. For those of you who hadn’t got any sleeping problems and can sleep anytime, anywhere you like, GOOD FOR YOU because you are the damn fortunate ones.

I got woken up at 6.30am by a DONG. And then I tried to get back to sleep. But just as I was about to fall into sleep again, it DONGS 7 times. I got woken up again and tried YET again to sleep. And then AGAIN, at the point where I can sleep, it DONG another time. I tried one last time, and it happened again, this time with 8 DONGS.


Why didn’t they create an ON/OFF button for sound in the olden days…

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