Shopping – IKEA @ Tampines


Well, I had always beenĀ a fan of IKEA. Yes, I know and I’ve heard a lot of stories about the quality of IKEA’s products, but I guess if you choose wisely, it shouldn’t be that bad right? After all, I do really like some of their designs. Furthermore, some of their items ain’t really that expensive, isn’t it?

Doing a bit of advertisement for them – between 7 to 24 July 2011, there’s a lot of items going on sale! I just went to the branch at Tampines and it was DAMN crowded! And some of the items that are going on further discounts are “disappearing” at an amazing rate! Sometimes I really wonder why is it always so crowded in IKEA because for the last few recent times that I went (to both branches), it’s always SO crowded, especially their restaurant. And there seems to be “human traffic jams” in every section.

Luckily I still managed to get the table that I want, which left only 6 piecesĀ and plus a few other items here and there, I exceeded $200! Woohoo!

So if you are thinking of grabbing anything from there, do it fast before it’s too late. Check out their website if you need. You can choose the items that you like and see the stocks thats left for that item.

Oh well, I’m going to start unpacking already. Have fun shopping!

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