Thoughts – Sense of Belonging at Work

Maybe not everyone finds this as equally important as I do but after being in this company for 4 months and finishing (almost) one small project, I asked myself several times – do I really want to continue staying in this company even if they did give me a salary higher than expected (which they did not at this point)?

My answer will be a NO.

On the first day that I went to work, after reporting to the HR, where she showed me my seat and gave me a lappie, she disappeared and busied herself with other things. All around me, the seats are emptied. I wondered, is this normal? At lunch, a nice lady came by and asked me for lunch, that lasted for about 3 days before I started having lunch with myself (most of the time).

I asked myself, was it me?

After 4 months of working here, I gathered some statistics and information. Out of about 80 staffs in Singapore, only about 30% are always in the office. And out of that 30%, most of them are from the admin department, who are seated somewhere not so near to me. And so far, I’ve only seriously talk to a few, which sadly, can definitely be counted using both of my hands.

Since the staffs are always not in, the moment you walk into the office, it just gives you a kind of “cold” feeling. That’s how I felt every morning as I walk into the high-ceiling office with no windows. I have no idea if it’s raining or shine unless I go to the toilet. I hardly talk to anyone except for that few, and friends who are not working in this company. People (most of them) don’t seem to talk and just face their own computer. They stay in their cliques, or worst still, suddenly just disappear. Or are they really that busy?

Hmm… what I’m trying to say is… I don’t feel a sense of belonging to this company. It doesn’t give me a feeling that I’m welcomed. I’m only a tool to get the project done and let the company earn money. And at any one time, I can be thrown aside. I don’t have anything to look forward to e.g. colleagues to talk to at work. There’s no fun except silence.

It’s no wonder I felt that the turnover rate is rather high, especially in my department. And a lot of people just seems weird (a comment not just from myself, but from a few others who seems a little bit more normal).

I doubt if you are me, you would want to stay here, unless you don’t like to talk to people.

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