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There are just some people out there who just go ALL out to irritate people – sales person. No no, I’m not saying all of them are bad. You see, not everyone likes HARD SELLING or those sales person who are damn PERSISTENT. I, for one, hated it. I like to go into a shop, walk around, and fine, you can asked me once to see if I need any help (that will be really nice), but following me ALL AROUND the shop after that it’s down right IRRITATING. Especially if I replied “I’m just looking around”.

And I like those sales person who give me time to think. No, not totally ignoring me or my presence. It’s just that, they won’t hard sell you but if you need information, they’ll always be glad to help.

I just met a guy last week, an ID, who firstly, kept insisting the direction and size of the TV console. Just because for the fact that the piece of wall is too small for a 6 feet TV console, he suggested us to put it on the other side instead. Thus I asked if it’s possible to customize the TV console, and he replied “Yes”. But still later, he insisted on putting on the other side so that the TV console can be 6 feet long. WTF!

Then now, after almost one week, he hadn’t send us the quotation and apparently wanted us to go down and view some of their “products”. I told that guy to send the quotation to me first because there’s no point in wasting both of our time if their quotation is way out of my budget. But somehow he still wanted us to view those units that they had done up first until I sort of insisted that I will not go down because my schedule is really tight BEFORE he is willing to say “Okay, I’ll send the quotation to you later”. What’s wrong with this guy?!!!

Damn, did I just somehow indirectly tell you that I’m renovating a flat? *ponder*

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