Food – Old Hong Kong Tea House @ Katong

I’m trying to distract myself, and thus I’m writing this in the middle of THEIR conversation, in the wee hours of the night, at the Old Hong Kong Tea House located around Katong. I’m not sure who started it first, but somehow, it’s getting more creepy as each story and personal experience came out (from nowhere). Ghost stories. Encounters with the unknown. A conversation on this topic in a tea house that gives you an “old” feeling, with the background playing all the oldies…

Damn. I could only keep on starring at my cup of warm milo, grumble about it in Facebook and pretend that I heard nothing on it but alas… it’s hardly possible as I strained to shut my ears off.

And so, here goes another thing that I can do to divert my attention – the Old Hong Kong Tea House.

It’s the first time that I came here. I’m quite sure I passed by this place before but never had I went in and tried out the food. But thanks to the one that is talking about the ghostly encounters now, I’m here to try out a new place. And I’m glad he asked us to come here although it seems a little far from where we are just now (for dinner).

We sat at the outside tables since one of them was smoking. But I guess it seems a lot better to sit outside than the inside, especially if it’s not raining. The menu was different from all the other Hong Kong cafe. There seems to be more varieties of food. But one bad thing about sitting outside. There seems to be only one waiter serving all the tables (at least 10 tables) that’s located outside. And it seems really difficult to get his attention. Otherwise, this place is really good for one reason – it’s open 24 hours daily! So next time if you are looking for some food to eat, and is around the area, try the food. It’s nice. The charges for carpark is a little expensive though.

It’s located along the main road, you won’t miss it.

Some details on the restaurant:
86 East Coast Road
Block A Katong Village

Singapore 428788
Opening Hours:
Daily, 24 hours

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