Food – Frenzie Bistro & Bar @ Punggol

When your head is so fully occupied, sometimes, you really need to just sit down and relax. And that is why, we came here today, brought by a girlfriend’s friend. Frenzie Bistro & Bar, located at some corner of Punggol. I’d heard of this place before, just that I never had the chance to visit, and had no exact idea on it’s location.

Anyway, it’s located near to Lor Halus. There’s quite a few other restaurants in that area, and a billiard place too. The ambience was nice, it’s an open concept restaurant, so there’s no air-con, which means, it’ll be nice to have dinner here but probably not for lunch. Otherwise you might get heat stroke. But then again, I’ve never tried before so I might be wrong. The restaurant consist of a dining area as well as high seats if you just want to have drinks with friends, so its up to your choice on where you want to sit.

As for the food, well, it’s not too bad. I had their oven-baked salmon, which comes with sauteed vegetables and mashed potato. But by the time I ate this, after having half a fish & chip and some caesar salad, I’m too full to seriously enjoy this meal. But then again, it still feels really nice after having an extremely heavy meal and almost K.O. on the couch!

And of course, how can I missed out enjoying a glass of cocktail! Plus it’s been so long since I ever drank alcoholic drink. I’ve been a really good girl. Really.

It’s been a nice night tonight. To sit down and relax. But the thought of having to work tomorrow, and to clear a whole list of things (after having a meeting just now with my client), just simply drive me nuts.

I really missed those times where I don’t have to work, and can just sit down and rest my brain. Now… it’s always almost packed with points of items.

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