Food – The Manhattan Fish Market @ Yishun Northpoint

They should have told us. And not let us think and consider for so long, before telling us that for lunch, it comes with a soup and drink. Urgh.

Oh well, never mind. I just had lunch with a friend at The Manhattan Fish Market @ Yishun Northpoint, level 2. Didn’t really know what to eat so ended up having a late lunch here. My idea of this restaurant? Initially it didn’t give me a really good impression as everything seems to be “copied” from Fish & Co. But as time goes by, somehow, it wasn’t as bad.

The price is slightly, just slightly cheaper than Fish & Co. As for the food, well, it’s almost the same, though at times, I still prefer the other one, especially now that there’s more varieties over there.

Erm… don’t really have much to talk about this restaurant except that if you really love fish and seafood, well, this is definitely one of the place. Nothing really fantastic. The lunch (if it comes with soup and a drink) is quite worth it though. There’s a few lunch sets which cost about S$20, I think you can skip that because after adding up, it seems to be only $0.50 cheaper. Guess that menu won’t last long…

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