Blog #0102

It’s only 3pm, there’s 3 more hours to go, but my head already feels extremely saturated as I struggled to focus on the things that I need to do. But then again… which one first?

Ops Guide, Photographer, iPhone & iPad, Renovation, Budget, Testing, Renovation Loan, Banquet, Tender, Read Documents, User Guide, Training, Website, Gown, Job Search, Seminar, PDUs, Rings, Songs, Vendor, Changes, OMG… there’s more… but I’ve only got 24 hours a day, 16 hours where I’m awake, 12 hours where I’m not eating, 9 hours where I’m not travelling, 6 hours where I’m not resting, 3 hours where I’m not disturbed or distracted.

3 hours left to do work each day. How to finish things? *POUT*

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