Blog #0103

I really am thanking God that today is Friday. Though the weekend is here, it ain’t going to be a relaxing one for the 2 weekends had been fully packed with events. Nonetheless, I’m still glad that its Friday so that I can at least take a short break from my work, and from the boss who seems to only see dollar signs ($.$) in his eyes, sadly. How realistic the world is… nowadays… to be blinded by greed, and lost the beauty of living.

I had a really busy day today. Took half a day off for an interview at a KNS company, before going back to work for a rather last minute meeting. And then extended past working hours and am late for my dinner appointment with my girlfriend. What a life.

But something rather interesting today. A classmate asked me if I’m interested to be part of their team, to become an ID. Hmm… isn’t that always what I wanted? But why am I thinking so much at this opportunity?

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