Thoughts – Feng Shui vs Bazi Calculation

Oh yes, my mum is probably going to nag at me for believing in such things. But honestly, I do believe that there’s some truth in it instead of just being superstitious. After all, if it’s totally fake, then why do lots of rich tycoons seek help in it? And if this is superstitious, what makes believing in a religion then? And if this is superstitious, then why bother to choose auspicious dates for wedding, moving in etc.? Faith? Chinese culture? Crap.

Today, I attended the “Wealth and Destiny 2011” seminar, a talk given by Joey Yap, a consultant in metaphysics, a.k.a. all those things related to Fengshui, Bazi Calculation etc. The topic today is on the basic of reading your own chart, a bit of face reading and knowing some of your good and bad directions.

But before I attended this seminar, I never knew that Feng Shui and Bazi Calculation is that closely related. External and internal. That’s what he said. There’s no good or bad about either of them. It’s just a matter of either you change your surroundings, or else you change yourself, if you want things to be better. The good thing I like about him? He don’t expect you to buy things to put here and there, or everywhere if you want to change your Fengshui. I wondered, what makes of the other people who claimed that they are Masters in this?

So which one would you choose? I guess the easier one will be to change your surroundings, that is, your feng shui, which in fact, is really a lot easier. Just look at your year of birth and gender, and you’ll be able to get your “kua number”, and thus knowing your GOOD directions. It’s just that simple.

Wanna try now? Here’s one where you can try:

It’s interesting to know, but don’t get hook on it!

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