Food – Nandos @ Plaza Singapura


After a long discussion with the ID on the house, and the tossing of a coin to decide whom we are choosing, we finally had some nice delicious food for dinnerĀ at Nandos, at Plaza Singapura, since someone is craving for it.

Oh well, I’ve tried Nandos once in Kuala Lumpur but now that it came to Singapore, this will be the second time that I tried since it’s always very crowded and the queue is really long, especially when it first came to Singapore. But now I guess the craze is slowly dying down.

The restaurant was located at level 4 of Plaza Singapura, with an open concept. The ambience was normal and the service was quite alright.

We looked through the menu and ordered half a chicken that came with 2 side dishes, and then a plate of caesar salad. There’s no servings of wam nor cold water though.

Overall, the chicken was definitely nice but not the rice. There’s hardly much taste for it. As for the fries, it’s quite normal too. I think the unique thing about Nandos will probably be their peri peri sauces, where there’s also a range on the degree of spiciness. Personally, I prefer the extra hot but do take note not to take this if your stomach can’t really take it. The sauceĀ is a little kind of salty to me though. Otherwise, all is good and the price isn’t too expensive. Furthermore, it’s at Plaza Singapura which is very accessible.

Can’t find much reasons not to dine there unless the queue is damn long.

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