Shopping – Cang Ai @ Tanjong Pagar

Just something nice to share though actually I got this package for quite a while (since 2010) – my bridal studio.

Cang Ai. Originally a Taiwan Bridal Studio that expanded and came to Singapore. Located along the stretch around Tanjong Pagar where all the bridal studios are. I got to know and signed a package with them at a wedding fair. We fell in love with their way of shooting almost immediately, which is slightly different from most Singapore Bridal Studio. Probably it’s due to the one year stay that I had in Taiwan that made me feel that way. I just like their “style”.

Well, it wasn’t really that cheap, but it’s not too expensive either. The price is about mid-range. The service was good though, at least ever since the moment I signed up with them till now, I never had any problems at all with them. *touch wood*

The staffs were nice, for the 2 of them that I engaged with – Manager Guo and Shirley. They were really helpful and friendly even when I need to postpone my wedding date or collect the photos a lot later, which we took in Kao Hsiung last October.

Today, I went for my gown fitting (3 of them). It was really difficult to decide which one for every gown that I chose just seems so beautiful (on me). Oops. And everyone (that were there) had a different opinion of their own. So… I decided based on what I like, which will probably meant it’s going to be a bit weird. I’m weird. My taste is weird. *LOL*

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